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Compare the InterNACHI HIP template with  the HIP default template   (All you need to see!)

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Template and Document Installation Instructions

See the Simplified HIP Report Formatting Guide (created by Kenton)

Learn about the HIP English/Spanish template


The Template

This is a template that you install in Home Inspector Pro (HIP). Once you’ve installed it, simply open the HIP program and choose the InterNACHI Narrative Library template.

Loading the InterNACHI Narrative Library template for Home Inspector Pro into their software does not change the way the program works. You will still have access to all the templates that come with Home Inspector Pro software, but you’ll also be able to choose the InterNACHI template with its vastly increased number of narratives and reference material.

The “Documents” folder

In addition to most of the documents that  come with the original HIP software, The Documents folder included with the InterNACHI Narrative Library template contains custom introductions to the following:

Air Conditioning, Asphalt Shingles, Attic, Bathrooms, Bedroom, Boiler, Cooling System, Roof Drainage System, Electrical, Exterior walls, Exterior, Flashing, Furnace, Garage, Green Building, Grounds, Heating System, Homesite, Interior, General Introduction, Kitchen, Laundry Room, Log Home Inspection, Overhead Garage Door, Plumbing, Pools & Spas, Porch, Roof, Structure, and Water Heaters.


Editing the Library

On a PC, you can open two screens, one with my narratives and one with yours, and then copy and paste narratives between the two templates, singly or by the batch.

Be aware…

Lists associated with narratives will not transfer when you copy and paste and will need to be re-created manually. The InterNACHI narratives come with a large number of lists installed, and it may be easier to simply insert those lists into your narratives as necessary.


Finding Narratives more Quickly

Shorten the time it takes to become familiar with the InterNACHI Narrative Library contents and to find narratives by using the “Edit Template” button. It’s much easier to see what Inspection Items are under say- the ASPHALT SHINGLE heading- in this format than in standard format where the Inspection Items appear in a tool bar across the top of the screen.


About Home Inspector Pro

Home Inspector Pro users can do the following:

  • mobile reporting;
  • secure report upload to the cloud;
  • have contracts signed electronically;
  • include video and attachments in the report;
  • choose from a wide variety of templates;
  • choose from a variety of summaries;
  • control template and report organization;
  • create custom templates;
  • create, edit, and store a variety of forms;
  • annotate, caption, resize, control photo placement and quality;
  • control the look of the PDF report;
  • edit the template during the inspection;  and
  • interface with the Inspector Support Network (ISN)  and much more!

Home Inspector Pro alone allows you to install their software on a Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad or android device!


Purchase/demo the HIP software here

Purchase the Narrative Library template for HIP here, only $129.99

Purchase from outside the US or Canada here



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If you have problems please contact HIP support  (888 750 4777). The problems people experience can depend on what computer platform they’re using.