1. Save yourself years of work!
    Creating your own library can be a very time consuming business. For the cost of approximately half of one inspection fee you can start with a library that has taken 13 years to develop.
  2. It's available as ready-to-use custom digital templates for select, widely-used inspection software!
  3. It’s huge! (view the 47-page detailed Table of Contents). As a single Word document, the library would fill over 1500 pages, but it’s not supplied as a single document, but as a series of organized documents, as a searchable Excel spreadsheet, and as ready-to-use templates for a variety of inspection software programs. Organization varies with format. Learn more about how the library is organized by looking at the Template info page.
  4. It helps protect you and your client.
    In a world of hair-trigger litigation you need to protect your family, your business and your client. Writing narrative libraries is my business and I’ve given a great deal of thought to identifying the balance point between keeping narratives short enough to be comfortably readable, but still providing enough information to help protect you from liability.
    Read my article "The Three Functions of a Narrative", much of which was used as part of InterNACHI’s Defect Recognition and Report Writing Course.
  5. It’s a learning and reference tool.
    The detailed nature of the narratives serves as a prompt to look for many conditions that inspectors might normally be unaware of. The included reference information reduces the time required to find answers to questions about conditions with which the inspector is not familiar.
  6. Find narratives Quickly!
    Optimizing the library has been an evolving challenge and the best organization varies with format. 

“I just finished my first report using the new narratives. I shaved about 2 hours off my report writing time. When I started, I had to develop a lot of my own narratives as I went. Now I just pick and click for the most part. If you are new to the business, like me, this is a bargain for all the time you will save developing your own narratives. Thanks Kenton!”

Frank Rotte
Certified Inspection Services                         
San Diego CA