The following are a few of the books and publications I have used in developing this Library:


  • UPCodes: online access to the most important codes, like NEC, the ICC code books (IRC, IBC, IFGC, etc.). Access is free, you can copy and past provisions of links to provisions. Searchable for a nominal fee. Organized by state.


  • Mastering Roof Inspections: InterNACHI online 150-part series. Scroll down for an Article Index.
  • Manual of Low-slope Roofing, 2006, 570 pp, CW Griffin & RL Fricklas: Slightly older but still very relevant.
  • Roofing Failures, 2003, 250 pp, Carl G Cash: Covers some basics and then offers 40 case studies. Very helpful.
  • Haag Engineering Commercial and Residential Roof Inspection courses and workbooks.
  • The Slate Roof Bible, 2016, 360 pp, Joseph Jenkins: One of two top books on everything about slate roofs
  • Slate Roof Design and Installation Manual, 2010, 260 pp, National Slate Association: The other top book on slate. Smaller index.
  • Rooftop Detail guide (TPO & EPDM), 2017, 200 pp, Versico Roofing Systems: Excellent spiral bound with great diagrams/labeling. FREE
  • Forensic Engineering, 2013, 770 pp, Peter E. Petty: Massive, very detailed book! Heavy on roof-related information but covers much more.
  • Facility Inspection Field Manual, 2001, 400 p.p, Bernard T. Lewis: Like a giant checklist for commercial properties and facilities.
  • Historic and Obsolete Roofing Tile, 2001, 230 pp, Vincent H. Hobson: Intro to historic tile basics and most is photos for identification of historic tile.
  • Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau
  • Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers Association Technical Bulletins
  • National Slate Association
  • Tile Roofing Industry Alliance
  • GAF Document Library
  • CertainTeed Learning Center


  • 2014 & 2020 National Electric Code (NEC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • Electrical Inspection of Existing Dwellings, 2013, 300 pp, Douglas Hansen: Excellent book focuses mostly on residential.
  • Siemens Technical Education STEP 2000 series course Online course, excellent and free.
  • WEBSITE: EC&M (Electrical Design, Construction, and Maintenance), covers a wide variety of electrical-related issues. You can also register for a free magazine.
  • WEBSITE: Mike Holt Enterprises, Mike Holt is famous for providing electrical education and a wide variety of related products including a good graphics library.


  • Carrier Technical Development Program Manuals: Series of manuals with text and diagrams each about 50 pages. Challenging to find, but they're out there as of 2020.


  • Handbook of Brick Masonry Construction, 1942, 500 pp, John A. Mulligan: Best book I've ever seen on brick. More relevant to brick basics but there's a lot to learn here.
  • Building Construction Illustrated, 6th Edition, Francis d. k. Ching: Great illustrations /labeling, covers mostly commercial (some residential)


  • Architectural Graphic Standards, approx. 700 pp, American Institute of Architects: huge number of labeled diagrams covering all aspects of building and more.
  • Field Guide to Crack Patterns in Buildings, 70 pp, 28 illustrations, Harry S. Audell, Excellent book, available here only.

This doesn't include the many websites, which I'll add as/if time allows.