The following are the books and publications I have used in developing this Library:



  • Manual of Low-slope Roofing, 2006, 570 pp, CW Griffin & RL Fricklas: Slightly older but still very relevant.
  • Roofing Failures, 2003, 250 pp, Carl G Cash: Covers some basics and then offers 40 case studies. Very helpful.
  • Haag Engineering Commercial and Residential Roof Inspection courses and workbooks.
  • The Slate Roof Bible, 2016, 360 pp, Joseph Jenkins: One of two top books on everything about slate roofs
  • Slate Roof Design and Installation Manual, 2010, 260 pp, National Slate Association: The other top book on slate. Smaller index.
  • Rooftop Detail guide (TPO & EPDM), 2017, 200 pp, Versico Roofing Systems: Excellent spiral bound with great diagrams/labeling. FREE
  • Forensic Engineering, 2013, 770 pp, Peter E. Petty: Massive, very detailed book! Heavy on roof-related information but covers much more.
  • Facility Inspection Field Manual, 2001, 400 p.p, Bernard T. Lewis: Like a giant checklist for commercial properties and facilities.
  • Historic and Obsolete Roofing Tile, 2001, 230 pp, Vincent H. Hobson: Intro to historic tile basics and most is photos for identification of historic tile.
  • Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau
  • Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers Association Technical Bulletins
  • National Slate Association
  • Tile Roofing Industry Alliance
  • GAF Document Library
  • CertainTeed Learning Center


  • 2014 & 2020 National Electric Code (NEC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • Electrical Inspection of Existing Dwellings, 2013, 300 pp, Douglas Hansen: Excellent book focuses mostly on residential.
  • Siemens Technical Education STEP 2000 series course (3-ring binder textbooks with quizzes and exams (may no longer be available).
  • WEBSITE: EC&M (Electrical Design, Construction, and Maintenance), covers a wide variety of electrical-related issues. You can also register for a free magazine.
  • WEBSITE: Mike Holt Enterprises, Mike Holt is famous for providing electrical education and a wide variety of related products including a good graphics library.


  • Carrier Technical Development Program Manuals: Series of manuals with text and diagrams each about 50 pages. Challenging to find, but they're out there as of 2020.


  • Handbook of Brick Masonry Construction, 1942, 500 pp, John A. Mulligan: Best book I've ever seen on brick. More relevant to brick basics but there's a lot to learn here.
  • Building Construction Illustrated, 6th Edition, Francis d. k. Ching: Great illustrations /labeling, covers mostly commercial (some residential)


  • Architectural Graphic Standards, approx. 700 pp, American Institute of Architects: huge number of labeled diagrams covering all aspects of building and more.
  • Field Guide to Crack Patterns in Buildings, 70 pp, 28 illustrations, Harry S. Audell, Excellent book, available here only.

This doesn't include the many websites, which I'll add as/if time allows.