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About the Agreements

InterNACHI attorney Joe Denneler has spent his 20-year legal career focused solely on legal issues affecting property inspectors. At InterNACHI's request he has produced home inspection agreements tailored to the requirements of each state. They are the result of decades of experience in the home inspection industry, combined with years of data from running the InterNACHI® E&O insurance program.

All agreement templates are regularly updated based on specific state laws, licensing board rules particular to each state, mandatory language, prohibited language, legal case histories, court rulings, consumer complaints, and insurance claims.

InterNACHI® members can download these agreements, or use them within the InterNACHI® online inspection agreement system with one click.

InterNACHI’s online inspection agreement system supports legally binding e-signatures. It allows the client to read and sign your agreement before you perform their inspection.

Inspection and building regulations can vary by municipal or county jurisdictions, not just by state. You should have the agreement of your choice reviewed by your attorney.

Finding an Attorney

Hopefully you'll never receive one of those letters or phone calls that makes you decide that you need an attorney, but if you do, having one experienced in home inspection is better than using one who's in general practice. Spending the time to find one before you need them can help reduce the stress involved. Having an established relationship with an attorney may encourage them to be more responsive if you need them in a hurry.