To avoid voiding the manufacturer's and/or contractor's warranty it's important that your client read and understand the warranty terms and conditions.

Like any other contract, a warranty can be voided for a number of reasons that are typically quite different from those of common steep-slope roofing materials. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Failure of the building owner to perform inspection, repairs, and routine maintenance in a timely manner as specified in the terms. Time limits for these items can vary among manufacturers.
  • Failure of the owner to notify the warrantor of leaks in the roof system within a time limit specified by the contract terms.
  • Failure of the owner to notify the warrantor prior to the installation of new rooftop equipment or any other modification to the roof system.
  • Failure of the building owner to have permanent maintenance or repairs performed in accordance with the warrantor's instructions. The may include:
    • The use of materials not manufactured or approved by the warrantor, or the use of incompatible material for a repair;
    • Work performed by someone who is not approved or authorized by the roof system warrantor;
    • A change in the use of the building, or
    • A change in building ownership; some warranties are non-transferable, or may transfer only if certain requirements are met.

Roof "System" VS Roof "Assembly"

  • The roof "system" includes all roofing components above (but not including) the roof deck.
  • The roof "assembly" includes all roofing components including the roof deck.


Use the following links to look up warranty information on specific roofing materials:

Manufacturer Links

The following list of manufacturers includes the products they produce with links to their installation manuals, and where to look for (manufacturer identification marks).