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The InterNACHI Narrative Library (INL) Commercial Master template is the first of its kind available anywhere, BUT...


The InterNACHI Narrative Library (INL) Commercial Master template is the first of its kind available anywhere!

It is a single, comprehensive template that can be used to create a wide variety of commercial and light industrial templates. From Office buildings, warehouses, loading docks, restaurants, and retail, to numbered units like hotels, motels, apartments, and much more, having this powerful tool will vastly reduce the amount of time it takes to develop your own commercial templates. Develop them in the way that works best for you!


It's used like this:

An inspector duplicates the Master template and then using the duplicate, deletes whatever systems and components don't apply to whatever type of inspection he's creating. For example, for an inspection with numbered rooms (hotel, motel, apartments, etc.), there are whole sections in which the narratives are written with a space for room numbers. Many non-numbered sections could be deleted. For an office building with a warehouse, all those numbered sections could be deleted. Deleting an entire section takes a tiny fraction of the many hours it can take to create one.


The narrative language is simplified from residential inspections in which inspectors are dealing with clients who may know very little about homes. For the most part narratives don't recommend a qualified contractor because the client or seller may have qualified staff. If they don't, they typically know enough to use someone qualified. In commercial and light industrial, it isn't necessary to clobber the client with detailed information, "Just the facts, please!".

Model disclaimers and informational sections (for inclusion in a report) are supplied, and are based on observation of a number of reports from experienced, successful inspectors. These should be read carefully and vetted by your attorney as appropriate, since laws and regulations vary among jurisdictions. Inspectors are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their reports.


This a Master template, and so is not set up to follow exactly any commercial standards of practice, although it is organized in a manner that will allow inspectors to create property condition assessments or a wide variety of inspection types. Both template organization and narratives are easily editable.

Written By Kenton Shepard

Author of the InterNACHI Narrative Library: Residential.  This commercial template took two years to complete, more or less. See Kenton's qualifications here.