In the Spectora Reminder windows I have installed both onboard information and links to a lot of reference material, including checklists, inspection concerns, and informational articles. The following lists the titles):


  • Crack Analysis (Link)
  • Floor Structure Checklist (Link)
  • IRC Section R310 Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings (Link)
  • Field Guide to Crack Patterns in Buildings(book by Harry S. Audell) (Out of print. I bought the last available. 12 left 4/7/23)


  • About Ladders ( (Link)
  • Inspecting the Roof Structure (Link)
  • Inspecting Underlayment (Link)
  • Roof vent Identification (Link)
  • White residue below vents (Link)
  • Chimney: (Onboard info)
  • Roof drainage: (Onboard info)
  • Snow guards: (Onboard info)

Asphalt Shingles:

  • Asphalt Shingle Checklist; (Link)
  • Asphalt Shingle Bonding; (Link)
  • Craze-cracking; (Link)
  • Batch Problems; (Link)
  • Blisters VS Hail Damage; (Link)
  • Biological Growth; (Link)
  • Uniform Granule Loss; (Link)
  • Voiding the Manufacturer's Warranty (not what you think) (Link)
  • Diagnosing Wind Damage (Link)
  • Controlling Ice Dam Growth (Link)
  • Asphalt Shingle Inspection Field Guide, $18.99, by Kenton Shepard
  • Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer's Association

Concrete Roof Tile

  • TRI Installation guides (Link)
  • Concrete Tile Checklist; (Link)
  • Minimum Slope and Headlap; (Link)
  • General Fastening Schedules; (Link)
  • Walking Concrete Tile; (Link)
  • Tile Industry Standards (Link)
  • Aging Characteristics of Concrete Tile (Link)
  • Historic Tile (Link)
  • Tile Roof Inspection Field Guide PDF $18.99, by Kenton Shepard

Clay Roof Tile

  • TRI Installation guides (Link)
  • Walking Clay Tile Roofs; (Link)
  • How Clay Tile Ages and Fails; (Link)
  • Clay Tile Fastening; (Link)
  • Clay Tile Flashing; (Link)
  • Biological Growth; (Link)
  • Historic Tile. (Link)
  • Tile Roof Inspection Field Guide PDF $18.99, by Kenton Shepard

Metal Roofs

  • Inspecting Metal Roofs (Link)

Roll Roof

  • Inspecting Roll Roofing (Link)

Fiber-cement Roofing

  • About Fiber-cement Roofing (Link)

Wood Shake& Shingle Roofs

Stone Slate

Composite Slate

  • Inspecting Composite Slate (Link)

Built-up Roofs

  • Inspecting Built-up Roofs (Link)
  • About Built-up Roofs (Link)


  • Inspecting EPDM (Link)

Modified Bitumen

  • Inspecting Modified Bitumen Roofs (Link)


  • Inspecting TPO Roofs (Link)


  • Inspecting PVC Roofs (Link)

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam

  • Inspecting Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roofs (Link)


  • Inspecting HardiePlank (fiber-cement) Lap Siding (Link)
  • Inspecting Composite Siding lap Siding (Link)
  • Inspecting Vinyl Siding (Link)
  • Inspecting Manufactured Stone (Link)
  • Brick Wall Failure (Link)


  • Garage Inspection Checklist (Link)
  • Inspecting Overhead Garage Doors (Link)


  • Inspection of Floors (Link)
  • Hardwood Floor Checklist and Diagnostics (Link)
  • Inspection of Window Interiors (Link)
  • Thermal Pane Window Failure (Link)
  • Kitchen Inspection Checklist (Link)
  • Refrigerator Inspection (Link)


Service Panel

  • Service Panel Inspection Checklist (Link)
  • Federal Pacific Stab-Lok Hazards (Link)
  • Square D QO model RECALL (Plant 15 panels only) (Link)
    • QO models can be recognized by the tripped indicator. Square D Home line models do not have this indicator.
  • Zinsco Panel Hazards (Link)
  • Backfed Breakers (Link)
  • Neutral Conductor Concerns (Link)
  • Types of Panelboards (Link)
  • Electrical Grounding (Link)
  • Electrical Bonding (Link)


  • Floating Neutral Bus Bar (Link)
  • Outbuilding Grounding Requirements (Link)

Branch Circuits

  • Branch Wiring Inspection Checklist; (Link)
  • GFCI Location History (when and where it was required); (Link)
  • AFCI and GFCI Requirements by State; (Link)
  • Testing GFCI Receptacles (Link)
  • Shunt Trip Receptacles (Link)
  • Bonding Bushings (Link)
  • Outbuilding Grounding Requirements (Link)
  • Floating Neutral Bus ba (Link)
  • Bootleg Grounds (Link)
  • Conductor Types (Link)

HVAC (Heating)


  • Gas Furnace Inspection Checklist; (Link)
  • Building Intelligence Center (Link)
  • Gas Furnace Operation; (Link)
  • Calculating Adequate Combustion Air; (Link)
  • Furnace Efficiency; (Link)
  • Venting High-Efficiency Combustion Appliances Into Masonry Chimneys; (Link)
  • By-Passing Unfamiliar Thermostats; (Link)
  • Carbon Monoxide; (Link)
  • Identifying A Cracked Heat Exchanger; (Link)
  • 2015 IFGC (Link)

Wood-burning Appliances

  • National Fireplace Institute (training and education)

HVAC (Cooling)

  • Air-conditioning System Checklist; (Link)
  • HVAC Mfg. Date Codes (find the date of manufacture) (Link)
  • Temperature Stratification in Multi-story Homes (Link)
  • AC Warranty (Link)


  • Distribution Pipe Material (Link)

Water Heater

  • Water Heater Inspection Checklist (Link)
  • Water Heater Mfg. Date Codes (find the date of manufacture) (Link)
  • Temperature/Pressure Relief (TPR) Discharge Pipe Regulations (Link)
  • Water Heater Backdrafting (Link)
  • Why Water Tanks Leak (Link)
  • Discolored Hot water (Link)
  •  Rumbling, Cracking, Popping Sounds (Link)
  • Electric Water Heater (Link)

Gas System

  • Gas Pipe Distribution Materials (Link)
  • Inspecting CSST (Link)

Private Water Wells

  • Inspecting Private Water Wells (Link)


  • Log Home Inspection Concerns (Link)
  • InterNACHI's Log Home Inspection course (I wrote it) (Link)
  • International Log Builder's Association (Standards and tech info) (Link)
  • Log Checking (Link)


  • Report Compilation Time and Length (Link)
  • 3 functions of a Narrative (Link)
  • Including Photos and Videos (Link)
  • Report Writing Guide, by Kenton Shepard, $19.99


  • Links to pretty much all relevant building codes (Link)