Attic Electrical Concerns:

  1. Junction boxes missing covers;
  2. Junction boxes improperly attached;
  3. Metal junction box not bonded;
  4. Splices not enclosed in junction boxes;
  5. Poorly supported/secured wiring (4'-6" maximum intervals);
  6. Protected from abrasion within 6' of hatch;
  7. Improper wiring type;
  8. Knob and tube;
  9. Abandoned wiring
  10. Non-IC light fixture in contact with insulation;
  11. No/inoperable light; or
  12. No electrical receptacle at mechanical platform.

Attic Plumbing Concerns:

  1. Damaged plumbing vent pipes;
  2. Stack vents terminating in the attic.
  3. Plumbing vent slopes less than 1/4-inch per foot;
  4. Un-insulated water supply pipes;
  5. Plumbing stack 3" minimum diameter at roof (cold climate only); or
  6. Plumbing vent diameter reduction located less than 12" from sheathing (cold climate only).

Attic HVAC Concerns:

Look for the following general requirements for HVAC installed in attics:

  • Hatch minimum 22.5 X 30 inches or large enough for appliance removal;
  • Room ventilation fans that terminate in the attic (especially under insulation);

Attic-mounted HVAC equipment:

  • Light w/switch at hatch;
  • 24-inch wide (unimpeded) walkway;
  • Appliance max. 20 ft. from hatch;
  • 30-inch wide platform all the way around the appliance;
  • Appliance disconnect within sight;
  • Drip pans with proper discharge and overflow; and

•  Proper condensate disposal.