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This template is designed to help educate those new to boat dock inspection, both by providing specialized, detailed narratives, and by including reference material in the Reminder windows that supply either onboard information or links to more extensive online information. Here is the list of reference material titles (working links are included in the template only).


  • Gangway description and Components (onboard info)


Dock Anchoring System

  • About Anchoring Systems (onboard info)
    • Weights and Chains
    • Piles
    • Control arms
  • Inspection Concerns (onboard info)
    • Cable/Chain Anchoring (deadman anchors)
    • Control Arms
    • Piles
    • Anchoring Failure

Concrete Floats (onboard info)

  • About Concrete Floats (5 items)
  • Inspection Concerns (5 items)

Polyethylene Floats

  • (onboard info, 5 items)

Steel Tube Floats  (onboard info)

  • About Steel Tube Floats
  • Inspection Concerns
  • Cathodic Protection

Pile Guides

  • Onboard info
  • Link to pile guide article and photos


Deck Framing  (onboard info)

  • About Dock Deck Framing
  • Inspection Concerns
    • Wood Deck Framing
    • Metal Deck Framing

Cathodic Protection  (Onboard info)

  • Difference Between Galvanic Corrosion and Electrolytic Corrosion
    • Galvanic Corrosion
    • Electrolytic Corrosion
    • Cathodic Protection

Decking  (onboard info)

  • Inspection Concerns

Walers and Through-rods

  • Walers and Through-rods (article link, text & photos)
  • Walers and Through-rods (onboard info)

Rub Rails  (onboard info)

  • About Rub Rails
  • Inspection Concerns

Hardware  (onboard info)

  • About Dock Hardware
  • Inspection Concerns

Dock Piles

  • Identifying Pile Damage and Protection Methods (online text & photos)


Inspector Information (onboard notice about jurisdictional regulations)

Dock Electrical Panel  (onboard info)

  • Dock Service Panel VS Sub-panel
    • Service Panel
    • Sub-panel

Grounding and Bonding  (onboard info)

  • Grounding
    • Equipment to be grounded
  • Bonding
    • Description of boat dock bonding

GFCI Protection  (onboard info)

  • Required Locations

ELCI Protection  (article link, text & photos)

  • Electric Shock Drowning
  • Electric Shock Drowning Prevention Association
  • Learn about equipment leakage circuit interrupters (ELCI)

Branch Wiring  (onboard info)

  • Inspection Concerns

Electrical Datum Plane

  • Link to an online article

Dock Safety Equipment

  • Requirements vary by jurisdiction


  • Boat Lift Type (link to online text & photos)
  • Flat Plate Drive (link to online text & photos)
  • Boat Lift Structural Components (link to online text & photos)
  • Cables and Pulleys
    • Inspection Concerns (onboard info)
  • Boat Lift Electrical
    • Inspection Concerns (onboard info)
  • Hydraulic Components
    • Inspection Concerns (onboard info)
  • Boat Lift Piles (link to online text & photos)
  • Boat Lift Operation
    • Limitations Concerns  (onboard info)
    • Lift, Remote, and Drive manuals (many links to various online manuals)


The same as conventional homes except for the foundation (covered in the Dock section) and typically a lot simpler.

Many narratives are taken from my residential template, but use the term “boathouse”.