The price increases from $129.99 to $159.99 on January 1, 2022

The InterNACHI Narrative Library, containing over 7,500 narratives, is available as an immediately-usable template, fully compliant with the Texas TREC-REI 7-5. format, only in Whisper Reporter!

The InterNACHI Narrative Library also contains comprehensive sections on:

  • Pool and Spa
  • Thermal imaging
  • Log homes

Along with the template, you'll receive a free copy of Kenton's Reference, containing over 40,000 words of inspection-based articles, organized by subject.


Texas Format

This template is designed to load easily into Whisper and allow home inspectors to produce a report that complies with TREC-REI 7-5.


When you purchase this template you'll receive two zipped files:

  1. A blank digital copy of TREC-REI 7-5 Property Inspection Report form, and
  2. A digital copy of the InterNACHI Narrative Library 1.9


About Whisper Reporter

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