Check for:

  • Mis-wired receptacles. Consider using a Suretest rather than a $12 tester for more accurate readings.
  • Outlets installed above electric baseboard heaters.


Comment on:

  • Many receptacles installed upside down.
  • Lack of GFCI or AFCI protection.
  • GFCI or AFCI receptacles that don’t respond or respond poorly to testing.
  • Missing cover plates.
  • Scorched or damaged receptacles or switches.
  • Inoperable or weakly operating switches.
  • Inoperable or intermittently-operating lights



Comment on:

  • Improperly-terminated wires. Just because they don’t carry current when you test doesn’t mean there isn’t a switch somewhere.
  • Improper conductor types like Romex used outside.
  • Antiquated wiring like cloth-covered or knob & tube.
  • Garbage disposal wiring run through kitchen cabinets.
  • Improper garbage disposal wiring (dedicated 20-amp circuit, hardwired or factory cord, splices in junction boxes with covers).
  • Conductors exposed to potential damage from impact or abrasion.