The Door and Access Systems Manufacturer's Association (DASMA)

DASMA Garage Door test for Home Inspectors

Overhead Door

  • Door panels: No damage, separation, or sagging;
  • Pivot arm connection at same level as top rollers;
  • Stable operation up and down.
  • Signs of weathering/age (cracks, peeled paint)


  • All portions stable
  • Good condition


  • Bearing type, not plastic (2yr. lifespan for plastic).


  • Extension springs have containment cable;
  • Door stays in place when manually disconnected and partially opened;
  • Securely attached to wall.

Automatic Opener

  • Automatic opener operable;
  • Manual disconnect operable;
  • Stable when operating
  • Less than 12 years old (typical lifespan)

Automatic  Reverse

  • Passes 2x4 test (operates satisfactorily);
  • Photo sensor functional;
  • Photo sensor within 6 inches of floor.
  • Computer controlled or manual adjust

Note: the 2x4 test is the method formally recommended by garage door manufacturers and DASMA and thus, defensible in court, but... you risk damaging the door. You would not be legally responsible for damage caused by inspecting the door according to the manufacturer's recommendations, but the seller and their agent may expect you to pay for the damage. 

If you inspect the door using a method other than that recommended by the manufacturer and an injury or fatality results, you may be found negligent in court. Depending on the standards of practice you follow or applicable jurisdictional requirements, you may have the option of disclaiming proper automatic reverse operation. The InterNACHI SOPs do not require inspection of automatic reverse operation.

Note: place the 2x4 directly beneath the pivot bracket.

Also check the Garage Door Labels.


  • Located at least 5 feet above walking surface (including stair treads);
  • Located away from moving parts.

Conventional Door to the Exterior

  • Operation;
  • Hardware condition;
  • Door condition.

Conventional Door to the Living Space

  • Operation;
  • Hardware condition;
  • Door condition;
  • Handrail if 4 risers or more;
  • 20-minute fire-rated (attached garage only):
    • Solid wood 1⅜inch (35 mm) minimum;
    • Steel door 1⅜inch (35 mm) minimum;
  • No pet doors;
  • Doors with glass: glass must be fire rated.

Fire Separation (R302.6)

  • Minimum ½ inch drywall on garage side;
  • Drywall must have joints taped;
  • Extends from floor to roof, or floor to fire separation compliant ceiling;
  • Penetrations of metal only;
  • Attic vertical access hatch must comply with wall requirements.
  • Ceiling with living space above: ⅝-inch type X drywall;
  • Non-combustible
  • Sloped