The InterNACHI Narrative Library is available in three general formats:
  1. As templates that allow the entire library to be installed into a software program in just a few minutes (for the software listed below only).
  2. As a series of Microsoft Word documents organized in folders. Narratives in Word can be copied and pasted into any software.
  3. As a searchable Excel spreadsheet.

Residential Templates Currently Available

  • Residential Template for HomeGauge: learn more  or  purchase $225
WHISPER REPORTER: Texas TREC 7-6 compliant
MS WORD (Documents) and EXCEL (spreadsheets)

"I just finished my first report using the new narratives. I shaved about 2 hours off my report writing time. With the basic HG I had to develop a lot of my own narratives as I went. Now I just pick and click for the most part. If you are new to the business, like me, this is a bargain for all the time you will save developing your own narratives. Thanks Kenton."

Frank Rotte
Certified Inspection Services
San Diego CA