probably cused by Above and Below Openings


Failure above and below windows can have a number of different causes but they typically related to moisture. Inspector don't have to identify the cause, the the failure.



If ignored, deterioration will worsen and become more expensive to correct.

Parapet Failures at Roof line

The stone coping appears to have been replaced and is in good condition.

The upper line of damage represents the roof elevation and is probably caused by parapet cap leakage. Staining in the face of bricks of the raised middle section supports this hypothesis. This would be especially likely of the parapet was not continuous with the exterior wall, so that water draining downward inside the cavity met a barrier to drainage and seeped toward the exterior.

It might also be caused by long-term moisture seepage through the brick parapet wall caused by inadequate roof drainage and failed flashing at the roof/parapet junction.

The lower damage is probably caused by long-term accumulation of condensation due to inadequate levels of ceiling insulation or failure to adequately ventilate the roof structure.