• Studs 24" OC maximum
  • Flat vertical wall installations only;
  • Composite siding should not be used as trim or fascia;
  • Grade should slope away from home 6" in 10' minimum;
  • Not recommended for ICF and SIP applications (voids warranty against buckling and shrinkage, but remaining the rest of the warranty remains intact);
  • Gutters are recommended when this siding is used.


  • 3/16" minimum gap at butt joints, where siding butts trim, and at door/window openings (caulking required). If joint moulding option is selected, the thickness of the web should be visible, allowing a net 3/16 in. space for expansion. Gaps should be filled with flexible, paintable sealant;
  • 6" min. above grade;
  • 1" min. above flatwork and other hard surfaces;
  • 1" min. above roof-covering material;
  • No direct contact with masonry, stone, stucco, or mortar;
  • Seal any exposed wood framing;
  • Siding SHOULD NOT overlap kickout flashing. Kickout should be installed over sidewall flashing;
  • Installation in a manner that prevents moisture intrusion and water buildup;


  • Joints must occur over studs;
  • Water-resistive barrier required w/proper penetration (windows, doors, vent terminations, etc.) flashing. This includes masonry and concrete walls;
  • Corner posts can be metal, wood, or vinyl. trim should be thick enough so the siding does not extend beyond the face of the trim;
  • All exposed siding should be primed and painted (within 180 days of installation);
  • In all installations over masonry or concrete walls, the wall shall be furred out and open at the top and bottom;
  • Buckling may be the result of installation over moisture-saturated or crooked framing materials;
  • May be installed over foam up to 1" thick;
  • Installation over foam thicker than 1" requires 2x4 min. furring installed over foam and fastened to wall framing.


  • Hot-dipped galvanized nails required;
  • 3/8" min. from vertical edges;
  • 3/4" min. from horizontal edges;
  • Nails should not be over-driven. Countersunk nails should be caulked. Countersunk more than 1/8", caulked and a properly-driven nail installed;
  • Buckling may be due to fastening started at board ends.


Failure to follow the published application, finish and maintenance instructions in effect at the time of original application will void the Louisiana-Pacific Corporation  product warranty.