1. Clearance from obstructions (trees);
  2. No encroachment on neighboring properties;
Clearances Above Grade
  1. 10’ (3.4m) above walking surface (bottom of drip loop);
  2. 12’ (3.6m) above driveway;
  3. 18’ (5.5m) above a roadway; and
Other Types of Clearances (clearances are rooftop to bottom of drip loop)

  1. 8’ (2.5m)- above a roof with 4&12 pitch or less;
  2. 3’ (3.7m)- above a roof steeper than 4&12;
  3. 18" (46 cm)- if mast is within 4 ft. of eave;
  4. 3’ (1m)- clearance from operable windows, doors, porches, balconies, stairs, or any other locations from which a person could touch the service conductors;
  5. 12" (30cm)- from communications wires/cables at any point, including the point of attachment to the structure; and
  6. 22.5’ (6.8m) above a pool (surface of water). 10’ (3.4m) measured horizontally from pool wall or diving structure.

Clearance requirements can Vary

At the Home:

  1. Service conductor condition (fraying);
  2. Drip loop, splice;
  3. Secure point of attachment;
  4. Masthead condition;
    1. Raintight;
    2. Plastic insulator.
Service mast:
    1. Secure attachment, bracing;
    2. Approved type;
    3. Path to ground; and
    4. No other conductors of any type attached.
    1. Secure in socket, no damage
    2. Height: to center- 4’ min. 6’ max.