Unified Sea Level Projection for S. Florida

This study was prepared for the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact Climate Leadership Committee by a diverse group of experts. It is most relevant to Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe, and Palm Beach counties.

Sea Level Rise Projection S. FLORIDA

2019 PROJECTION AND SUMMARY This Unified Sea Level Rise Projection for Southeast Florida updated in 2019 projects the anticipated range of sea level rise for the region from 2000 to 2120 (Figure 1). The projection highlights three planning horizons:

  1. Short term: by 2040, sea level is projected to rise 10 to 17 inches above 2000 mean sea level.
  2. Medium term: by 2070, sea level is projected to rise 21 to 54 inches above 2000 mean sea level.
  3. Long term: by 2120, sea level is projected to rise 40 to 136 inches above 2000 mean sea level.


Impacts on Infrastructure and Communities

Dangers to Infrastructure and Communities from rising sea levels

Sea level rise will increase the frequency and impact of other hazards:

  • Storm surge
  • Canal and tidal flooding
  • Groundwater and stormwater flooding
  • Salt water intrusion
  • Shoreline erosion
  • Wave action

Adapting to Sea Level Rise

As Miami-Dade County works to reduce its carbon footprint and stop fueling climate change, it must also prepare for the impacts that we know are unavoidable, including sea level rise. The County is working to strengthen infrastructure, plan for more resilient communities, enhance natural protections and promote economic resilience through policies and task forces.