Here are a few other inspection-related products from Kenton Shepard. These are all PDF downloads, not physical books:

Home Inspection Report Writing Guide, $19.95     Purchase it here

This excellent, 50-page, 60-image guide discusses all aspects of report writing.  Major subjects include:

  • Legal issues;
  • Report formats;
  • Data-gathering methods (including mobile reporting);
  • Reporting software (choosing and using);
  • Report content;
  • Report writing time;
  • Report length;
  • Narrative writing and library organization; and more!
  • Links are provided to sources for illustrations, and to 35 software producers.
  • In Their Own Words is a five-page section of quotes by experienced inspectors on different aspects of report writing.

50 pages, 15.2 MB PDF download.

Log Home Inspection Checklist, $29.99     Purchase it here

Inspectors beware! Log homes have unique problems and inspection requirements and failure to inspect them properly may result in lawsuits against you!
The InterNACHI Log Home Inspection checklist, more than 400 lines long, is designed to help you avoid lawsuits and reduce your liability.
The checklist was developed by Kenton Shepard, the author of the free, comprehensive, InterNACHI Log Home Inspection course.

Expert Witness Contract Template,  $29.99     Purchase it here

This document supplies suggested contract language and fee schedule.

Roof Inspection Field Guides

InterNACHI Asphalt Shingle Defect Recognition Guide, $14.99     Purchase it here

This field guide to inspecting asphalt shingle roofs was developed to provide the user with a quick reference tool for use in evaluating all types of asphalt shingle roofs. It's designed to help in identifying a wide range of defective and correct conditions. With over 170 high-resolution photographs, illustrations and diagrams, it covers flashing, shingle components, problems due to aging, wear & tear, wind, impact, abrasion, poor ventilation, improper installation, and batch problems.

InterNACHI Field Guide for the Inspection of Slate Roofs, $14.99      Purchase it here

This 44 page field guide, containing over 75 photographs, is meant to be used as a tool to help identify problems with slate roofs. It includes information and photographs on:

  • Types of slate and their characteristics;
  • The production of slate roof tiles;
  • Installation requirements and problems;
  • The typical aging process;
  • Moisture damage;
  • Hail damage;
  • Footfall damage;  and
  • Slate roof inspection.

It includes references that will help in identifying the slate quarry of origin and its grade.

InterNACHI Field Guide for the Inspection of Tile Roofs, $14.99    Purchase it here

In addition to covering a wide variety of inspection concerns like aging and failure, this field guide includes information on tile types, performance characteristics and proper installation including flashing, fasteners and repair.

Over 130 full color, high resolution photographs.

InterNACHI Field Guide for the Inspection of Wood Roofs, $14.99     Purchase it here

This 34 page field guide , containing over 55 photographs, illustrations and diagrams, and is meant to be used as a tool to help identify problems with wood shake & shingle roofs. Content covers:

  • Standards and warranties
  • Types of shakes and shingles
  • Installation- proper and improper
  • Aging characteristics
  • Wind & hail damage
  • Biological growth
  • Hail damage
  • End of useful life

InterNACHI Roof Field Guide Total Package, $49.99     Purchase it here

Get all 4 InterNACHI Roof field guides for $49.99 and save $10!

You will receive one of each of the following:

InterNACHI Asphalt Composition Shingle Defect Recognition Guide - $14.99 value

InterNACHI Field Guide for the Inspection of Slate Roofs - $14.99 value

InterNACHI Field Guide for the Inspection of Tile Roofs - $14.99 value

InterNACHI Field Guide for the Inspection of Wood Roofs - $14.99 value

Purchase the Narrative library here