1. You will receive three files to download;
    1. Texas-7-6-blank-w -INL-2.1-1 (zipped, do not unzip!)
    2. WR_RapidRemarks-INL-2.1(zipped, do not unzip!)
    3. Kenton’s Reference (zipped, unzip to use)
  2. When you receive the files in the email, save them to your desktop.   
  3. Open WhisperReporter;
  4. Choose “I want to open the last report I was working on” and click OK;
  5. Click on Data Manager ((in the toolbar, it’s the yellow barrel/page icon, 4th from the left);
  6. Choose “Restore reports…” and click Next
  7. Click the “Browse” button and choose “Desktop”
  8. Select the “WR_RapidRemarks-INL-2.1” zipped folder from step 1. above.
  9. Click "Next" and then click the “Restore” button
  10. When the Restore operation completes, the InterNACHI Narrative library will be inside of the WhisperReporter RapidRemarks database.
  11. In the toolbar located at the top left of the screen,  Choose “Tools”, and then “RapidRemarks View Manager”.
  12. Check the WR_RapidRemarks-INL-2.1 folder and then choose “Apply” and “OK” at the bottom of that screen.

To load the Texas-REI 7-6 form for use with the InterNACHI Narrative Library:  Follow the steps above, except that in #8 and #12, you’ll choose  “Texas-7-6-blank-w -INL-2.1-1 , then continue with 8-11