Home Inspection Report-Writing Guide PDF

This product is a digital PDF download.

By InterNACHI’s Kenton Shepard


This excellent, 50-page, 60-image guide discusses all aspects of report writing.  Major subjects include:

  • legal issues;
  • report formats;
  • data-gathering methods (including mobile reporting);
  • reporting software (choosing and using);
  • report content;
  • report writing time;
  • report length;
  • narrative writing and library organization; and more!
  • Links are provided to sources for illustrations, and to 35 software producers.
  • In Their Own Words is a five-page section of quotes by experienced inspectors on different aspects of report writing.

50 pages, 5 MB PDF download.

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“The best report-writing guide available anywhere. Buy it!”

(Nick Gromicko – InterNACHI Founder)

“Awesome job Kenton! I believe one of the most important lessons in the industry right now is the one that teaches home inspectors how to finish the majority—or all—of their report on the jobsite. You’ve done a great job at that!”

(Dominic Maricic – Owner and CEO- Home Inspector Pro)

“Kenton! First and foremost, this is the best piece of work I’ve read to date on the topic…”

(Tim Spargo – Spec-Rite Real Estate Inspections)


“…you did a fantastic job putting this together… I think it’s perfect as a “jumping off point.”

(Jeff Pope – JPI Home Inspection)

“I saw a preview and it looks amazing!”
(Bob Elliot – Chicago Property Inspection)

“Kenton, as usual, you excel in providing tools to help the Inspection Industry. This Report-Writing Guide is just another excellent piece of work compiled to help us all in perfecting our reports. Very nice work.“
(Marcel Cyr- Cyr Home & Commercial Property Inspections)

“Kenton provides good insight into report writing.  I would purchase the guide, but would also have him review your report.  I think the two need to go hand-in-hand.  If you’re considering adding employees, this is a HUGE shortcut to professionally explaining to the new person what a report is, how it should be conducted and even more importantly, what NOT to put in the report!  If you can’t afford $20 towards professional growth on your product, consider this phrase for future professional endeavors “Would you like that super sized?”
(Russell Hensel, Comprehensive Building Consultants)