7,500 narratives you will never have to write… We’ve done it for you!

In addition to narratives for the all typical home systems, the InterNACHI Narrative Library also contains narratives for:

  • Commercial (low-slope) roofing;
  • Pools & Spas;
  • Thermal imaging;
  • Log homes;  and
  • Green Building.

Using either version you can copy and paste into any software.

The Excel Version

Finding the narrative you’re looking for is fast and easy in the Excel version. You can either use the search feature (upper right corner) or simply scroll. All sections are in alphabetical order.

The Word Version

In the Word version, the Library is divided into folders titled after the home systems (Roof, Exterior, Electrical, etc.). The folders contain documents, each starting with a Table of Contents having page numbers that are clickable links. For example, clicking page 10 in the Table of Contents will take you to page 10 in the document.

Upon completing your purchase you will receive an email  containing links to three files:

  1. InterNACHI Narrative Library 1.9 in MS Word (must be unzipped)
  2. InterNACHI Narrative Library 1.9 in MS Excel
  3. Kenton’s Reference in MS Word: approx. 40,000 words of inspection reference material (must be unzipped)