Log Home Inspection Checklist $29.99

Inspectors beware! Log homes have unique problems and inspection requirements and failure to inspect them properly may result in lawsuits against you! The InterNACHI Log Home Inspection checklist, more than …


PACKAGE: INL for Home Inspector Pro: English/Spanish plus Standard English

These are two digital templates for Home Inspector Pro home inspection software. Buy the English/Spanish template and get the standard English template for only $20 more! Both for $265. You …


Whisper Reporter TREC 7-6 Compliant

7,000 narrative you’ll never have to write… we’ve done it for you! As a digital, custom, Whisper Reporter template, the InterNACHI Narrative Library is now available in a format that …


INL Boat Dock for Excel

2,100+ narratives you’ll never have to write… We’ve done it for you! In addition to narratives for fixed and floating boat docks This searchable Excel spreadsheet contains narratives for a …


HomeGauge Boat Dock

Stop walking away from money! This ready-to-use HomeGauge boat dock/ lift/ boathouse inspection template is designed for those wanting to perform this ancillary inspection.


HomeGauge Residential 2.1

7,500 narratives you will never have to write… We’ve done it for you! This is a template that you install in a HomeGauge folder located on your computer’s hard drive. …


Kenton’s Reference

Kenton’s Reference is a collection of MS Word folders and documents, organized by home inspection subject, with reference articles covering a variety of inspection-related subjects. The Reference contains about 40,000 …


Spectora TREC 7-6

4,800 narratives you’ll never have to write… we’ve done it for you! The InterNACHI Narrative Library is available as an immediately-usable template, fully compliant with the Texas TREC 7-6 format …


Expert Witness Contract w/Fees

PDF Download If you do Expert Witness work, you should have this agreement contract. Included are: Expert Witness Contract with a suggested Fee Schedule Expert Witness Guidelines Sample Expert Witness …