What is the Marshall & Swift Valuation Service?

The Marshall & Swift Valuation Service is a complete, authoritative appraisal guide for developing replacement costs, depreciated values, and insurable values of buildings and other improvements. In addition, it contains indexes of building and equipment costs as well as a great deal of useful information for anyone interested in cost and value. It provides costs for a wide range of construction classes and types of occupancies, from warehouses to medical buildings. This service is an aid in determining values of nearly every kind of improved property where replacement or reproduction cost is desired.

Classifications for Marshall and Swift

The PDF in the link above contains:

  1. A list of Marshall & Swift's construction classifications along with a detailed explanation of each classification;
  2. A detailed explanation of the criteria for determining construction quality.

In the Executive Summary under General Classification I have included some Marshall & Swift classifications in the multiple choice section. These should be used only where they apply.