Experienced inspectors have often spent years building their own library of narratives and don't want to lose access to them, but they still want to have access to the InterNACHI Narrative Library contents.

You can transfer narratives- or groups of narratives- between templates by opening two copies of Home Inspector Pro (HIP). One copy will serve as the Source template from which you'll pull narratives, and the other copy will serve as the destination template.  You can then highlight and drag narratives from the Source template to the Destination template.


Opening two copies of HIP is easy when you're using windows. Just open it once and then click the icon to open it again.


If you're on a Mac, opening a second copy requires creating a duplicate:

  1. Open Finder and choose "Applications"
  2. Find the HIP icon
  3. Right click and choose "Duplicate"

You have just created a second copy of HIP and you can now open both.


Be aware...

Lists associated with narratives will not transfer when you copy and paste and will need to be re-created manually. These are available as a Word document provided free to those who can show proof of purchase.