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Spectora users who would like to see in detail what’s included in the 7,000-comment InterNACHI narrative library Spectora Residential template can now download the preview template from Spectora’s Template Center (under FEATURED COMMUNITY TEMPLATES) in your copy of Spectora.

  • The preview template includes all SECTION, ITEM, and narrative titles from the full template. Narrative titles with an * contain sample narratives.
  • Narratives in the full template that include a reference image are identified with (IP) in the title. (for "Image Provided").
  • Measurements are given in American Standard and Metric.

Reminder Windows

  • The Reminder windows (click pencil icon to the right of ITEM titles) contain both written information and links to inspection-related webpages.
  • Onboard links for this sample template have been disconnected but appear as bold, underlined text.
  • In the full template, all links are live and provide access to a huge variety of information, both educational and practical (like to the Building Intelligence Center).