Because this is a very large library, you may wish to simplify it, browsing through sections and eliminating narratives that don't apply to the areas in which you inspect. For example: many INFORMATIONAL comments are provided as both individual narratives and as a multiple choice menu option. If you prefer to use the menu option you can delete the individual narratives.

This process will also help you become familiar with the library content and organization. You may wish to edit the titles, ratings, or organization to better fit your thinking.


The 3 Severity Ratings

Ratings will vary depending on circumstances and individual preference. The author has chosen ratings that will fit a wide range of circumstances and that seem appropriate based on his experience.

The concerns connected with ratings are that:

  1. Inspectors should avoid representing (rating) conditions as being more serious than they actually are. If you do this consistently you will develop a reputation as a deal-killer who alarms clients and creates stress in the transaction, both unnecessarily. This reputation will cost you work.
  2. Inspectors who under-rate the severity of a defect/deficiency in an effort to avoid alarming clients and please agents expose themselves to increased liability.


  • -QC means that the narrative is recommending a Qualified Contractor
    • SE means that the narrative is recommending a Structural Engineer
  • , OK means that the inspector has observed something that is not technically correct but that appears to represent no immediate problem. This designation is mostly for the benefit of the inspector as he performs the inspection and users may wish to change this to avoid giving the client the impression that the condition is correct.