To receive the template:

Look for InterNACHI Narrative Library 2.1: Residential under “My Templates” in the Template Editor of your copy of Spectora.

Because of its size, the template is slow to open the first time. After that, it will open at normal speed.


For those who decide to change software, my Template Replacement and Substitution policy is listed at the bottom of Residential Templates in the menu at the top of my webpage.

You have 90 days from the date of purchase for a free replacement.


First, I suggest that you make a safety copy and give it a slightly different name. That way if you have deleted something you later wish you hadn't, you'll still have it!

Find instructions here!


You can use InterNACHI Narrative Library template as your working template, or you may wish to continue using a Spectora template that you have already developed or spent time editing, and use the InterNACHI Narrative Library template as a source template, transferring Sections, Items, or narratives from it into your working (destination) template.

You’ll find instructions on how to transfer narratives from a source template to a destination template here. 


You’ll notice that quite a few Sections and Items have been made Optional.

Restoring “Optional” Sections and Items

During an inspection, when working in the Report Writer, it's easy to restore “Optional” Sections and Items by clicking the “+ Section” or “+ Item” buttons. That can be done quickly without leaving the inspection you’re working on.

Deleting Unwanted Sections and Items

During an inspection, Sections and Items in blue font that an inspector doesn't want in the report can't be removed without stopping what you’re doing, leaving the Report Writer and going back to the Template Editor, optioning out what you want, and then creating a new inspection report.

No one wants to do all that!


In the Reminder windows (accessed using the pencil icons), this template has links to a large amount of reference material!

For example, in the Template Editor:

  1. in the SECTIONS (left) column, select Roof.
  2. In the ITEMS (middle) column, mouse over Asphalt Shingle and select the small pencil icon that appears just to the right of the Asphalt Shingle title.
  3. When you select a link, four icons will appear, choose the one on the left (box with an arrow pointing to the top right corner) and you'll be taken to that location in a separate window.

Photo explanation here.

Reference info

In a few Reminder windows, you’ll find information instead of links.

If in some Items (typically the REFERENCE Items) you find no narratives, check the pencil icon for Reminder notes.



Spectora has a search feature that will help you find narratives quickly. You’ll find it in the Report Writer (not in the template editor).

Using the search feature is key to finding narratives quickly!

Narratives are (roughly) in alphabetical order, so if you select Roof, Asphalt Shingles, the narratives under DEFICIENCIES will start with Batch problems, Biological growth, Blisters, Bonding, Cap shingles, etc.

Once you use the template a bit, you’ll be able to find narratives quickly.

BUT… you should use the search feature instead of scrolling.


If you have questions about this template, please contact me and not Spectora.               (720) 646-8724