Asphalt Shingle Inspection Checklist

Batch Problems (Patterns of deterioration involving only some shingles)

Biological Growth (Algae, lichen, & moss)

Blisters VS Hail Damage

Bonding (about it, how to check it)

Cracking and Splitting (types & causes)

Factors Affecting Shingle Aging

Field Guide (PDF for sale)

Ice Dams (causes, prevention, & removal)

Performance Comparison (shingles that look alike don't perform the same)

Valley Types (open, closed, woven, California cut, etc.)

Warranties (Manufacturer's, Wind, & Contractor's)

Wind Damage (about, recognition)



Tile Inspection Checklist

Aging characteristics

Fastening Schedules

Field Guide (PDF for sale $14.99)

Historic Tile

Installation Guides

Minimum Slope & Headlap

Tile Standards (installation

Walking Tile