Using the MS Word library

The first thing you should do when your purchase arrives is to copy and paste a safety copy somewhere you’ll be able to find it if you need it. That way you’ll have one original copy, and a copy you can edit if you wish.

The Word version is usually used in one of two ways.

First, and probably the most efficient method, is to take some free time and go through the library document by document, copying narratives out of the library- editing them when you feel its necessary-  and then pasting them into your inspection software. Some narratives will almost always be edited for one reason or another; typically related to climate zone, state requirements, or local/personal preference.

This will encourage you to become familiar with the Narrative Library organization while building up your software narrative library quickly.

During report compilation, it will also allow you to find the appropriate narratives in your inspection software quickly, because you’ll be the one to decide how your inspection software library is organized, and where each narrative should be located.


The second method is to just add each narrative from the Library into your software as you need it to create report you’re working on. The disadvantage here is that stopping report compilation to look for a narrative in the library,  copy it, decide where in your software it should go, paste it to the proper location, and then go back to your report to choose that narrative so that it appears in the report… well, you see what I mean.


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