7,500 narratives you will never have to write… We’ve done it for you!

This is a template that you install in a HomeGauge folder located on your computer’s hard drive. Once you’ve installed it, simply open the HomeGauge software and choose the InterNACHI Narrative Library 2.1 template.

Loading the InterNACHI Narrative Library template for HomeGauge into their software does not change the way the software works. You will still have access to all the templates that come with HomeGauge, but you’ll also be able to choose the InterNACHI Narrative Library template with its vastly greater number of narratives and reference material.

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Detailed Template File Installation Instructions

The Reference Sections

The onboard reference sections contain over 40,000 words (about 165 pages in a book). You can refer to these sections while you are performing the inspection or creating the report.


  1. You must have HomeGauge software installed on your device to receive this template!
  2. This template is for HomeGauge but not produced by HomeGauge. For library questions and support contact kenton@internachi.org  (720) 646-8724.
  3. Please read the LIBRARY DISCLAIMER

The InterNACHI Narrative Library template will not merge with other templates due to differences in organization! 
You can easily transfer comments between two open HomeGauge templates. Here’s how!