Commercial Narrative Library

This library is under construction now. It's based mostly on International Code Council (ICC) code books, especially the International Building Code (IBC), but also used for reference are the National Electric Code (NEC), the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) Roof Manual Anthology, a number of specialized books on various systems and components, and multiple online sources like FM Global Data sheets.

It will probably be available first as custom library templates for Home Inspector Pro, HomeGauge, Spectora, and as a searchable Excel spreadsheet.

Completion date?  It's extremely comprehensive! Late summer, I'm guessing, depending on how much time I have to work on it and how much time I can stand to spend reading code books. 


EZ Inspect

I've been working with Rusty Craig, EZ Inspect's owner, in trying to convert the Library into a form that will work well with EZ Inspect. This may be available as early as late January or sometime in February, 2020. It may contain a feature in which the user can look at a collection of subject photos (for example, asphalt shingle problems), compare it to what he sees onsite, and can enter a narrative (only... not the photo) into the report by choosing the photo that most closely matches the condition he sees onsite.


Late night with the code books... just me and my crocodile