Installing the narrative template file and files

(they both go into the same Data folder):

1. Unzipping the files

If you already know how to do this, scroll on down to: 2. Installing the Narrative Library template files.

If you don't, here's how:

1. Open the email with the attachments;

Unzip 2

-- Click images to enlarge --

2. With each attachment, double-click the icon and choose "Save file";

Download icon

3. At the top right of your screen you'll see about 6 little icons. One is a downward-pointing arrow. That is your download folder. Click the arrow once and you'll see the files;

Unzip 4

4. Drag and drop the file to your desktop.

Unzip 5

5. HIP software cannot open a zipped file! Unzip the file by double-clicking it, the screen above will open.

Unzip 5 copy 2

Drag and drop the (now unzipped) file on your desktop.

Do the same with the Documents folder.


2. Installing the Narrative Library template files:

6 a.  (for Mac) Open “documents”, then open the Home Inspector Pro folder.
6 b.  (for Windows) Open hard drive (C:), program files (x86), Home Inspector Pro.

In Windows 10, scroll to the bottom of the start menu (Windows icon in lower left corner), click Windows System, open My PC, open hard drive (C:), and continue as described above in 6 b.

7. In the Home Inspector Pro folder you'll see 4 folders. One of them will be named “Data”. Drag and drop the InterNACHI Narrative Library template file into the Data folder.

The "Documents" folder

You can drag the entire new Documents folder directly into the template list, it will ask whether to Replace the old template with the new, or Merge the contents of the two folders. Choose Merge. Any new files that don't exist in the old folder will be copied. It will ask your permission before overwriting any existing files.

HIP Template location

Notice the Filepath in the browser window at the top

User Tip:

You'll keep the original as a safety copy.  While you have the Data folder open, use your copy and paste functions to make a duplicate of the template you just installed. Next, slowly double click the duplicate and re-name it. You can call it NACHI Library- Safety"". You'll use one as a working copy that you edit. If you ever need to recover any information, you can get it from the safety copy.

8. The next time you open the Home Inspector Pro software program, when you click “Open Template” from the toolbar across the top, you'll see the InterNACHI Narrative Library (working copy) listed there.  Choose it and click "Open".
You'll probably want to go through and delete some sections or narratives that don't apply. If you don't do Pools, Fire Doors, Log Homes, or Green Building you can delete those by clicking the “Edit Template” button in the toolbar at the top and editing what you see.

In Windows, you can open two copies of HIP side by side and copy/paste single or batches of narratives between templates.

Purchase/demo the HIP software here

Purchase the Narrative Library template for HIP here, only $129.99

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